Sunday, March 09, 2008

Willing and Enthusiastic

Willing and enthusiastic would certainly describe those who ministered in our service tonight. Tonight several of our children shared their gifts with us. There were piano solos, vocal solos and a duet, there was a clarinet solo, a flute solo and a dance number, it was so encouraging. There were also displays of crafts, photos, drawings, sewing projects and specially baked cookies. Each of these was done completely by these 1st to 6th graders. They also greeted at the doors, ran the sound, set up the program and ushered. There were 3 versions of one song, and it was still fun to hear it each time.

It was so cool to see the kids share, to see their nerves and their joy. To smile at them while they were singing and get them to break into a smile and break up the nerves. To see, and hear, people gathering around the kids afterward and encouraging them and to see the smiles on the kid's faces. To see a few relatives who don't normally come to church come and encounter such a positive experience.

My favorite moment was when one little girl headed up onto the platform to sing her song she was so excited she began to run to get to her place. She turned around with a huge smile on her face as she began to belt out her song.

Here's hoping that all of us will be that excited to serve at our next opportunity.


At 9:09 AM, Blogger Rob said...

As I found out this week, kids can certainly change your perspective on God and what He can do, can't they?

Looking forward to seeing you Friday night!


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