Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a significant day. It was another opportunity for the body to gather and worship together. That makes it significant. How often do we approach worship this way? How often do we come to a time of corporate worship, or even our private times of worship, with the attitude that this is significant? I would dare say not often. It seems that unless it is Easter, or Christmas, or special day we just show without a lot of anticipation as to how significant the day may be. Well yesterday was significant because is was another opportunity to worship together.

The spirit of our morning worship was very powerful right up until the last few minutes of our time. The time of congregational singing, the special songs and the first half of my message were marked by the distinct presence of the Lord. Something seemed to slip about half way through the message. I don't know what it was, but it was different, the spirit of the service changed. God still moved and lives were still changed according the response of a few.

We had a very strong attendance with several visitors. It was a weekend of giving as well. On Friday night several of our musicians, led by our outstanding pianist, held a concert to benefit a local family. The family's 2 year old daughter has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and is undergoing treatment. The guys did a great job and it was a good night for a great cause. We will be able to send nearly $5,000 to help the family as a result of the giving that night. Then on Sunday we had "Undie Sunday". People brought in packages of underwear and socks for homeless kids in our county. There are many students who are homeless throughout the school year and something that you don't want to get at a second hand store is underwear or socks. Our people overflowed a couple of laundry baskets with new underwear and socks.

Then on Sunday evening we had a great time as our children shared in ministry (see previous post).

It is March 10 and it is still cold. We have snow on the ground and it was snowing just a few minutes ago. Easter is 2 weeks away and I am afraid the Easter Lillies are going to freeze.

Here's hoping you have a significant day. If nothing else realize that the most significant one loves you.


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