Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm Back ...

I took a few vacation days, from Sunday morning to Friday night, and did not have computer access therefore I couldn't blog. Did you miss me? We went camping, well it was in a friend's camper and it was a very nice get away. We were just a hundred yards from a lake and we could fish from shore. We fished every day and caught very little. We still enjoyed it and I did make one huge catch, unfortunately it was a Carp so no meal involved. The weather was surprisingly good for this time of year.

We read a lot, played some games, ate way too much, fished a lot, got some good rest and enjoyed time with each other and away from everything. I didn't leave the campground from Sunday afternoon until Friday afternoon. I still worried about a lot of things, but that is a personal hang up of mine.

We took advantage of the Sunday away to visit a church we had heard a lot about. It is a large church with 3 locations linked on Sundays through satellite teaching from one of the sites. It was a good experience to see something different than us. There were some great things about it and some that didn't connect with me, but a very positive experience. Pastors rarely get a chance to see another church on a Sunday so we really enjoyed the opportunity. We have been known to hit 2 or 3 churches in a single Sunday morning to have many different experience. We didn't have the energy to do that this time.

I returned to find 260 or so emails waiting for me, and that is with a filter. So guess what I have been doing for a few hours.

I will try to post a few more things from vacation and other thoughts in the next few days. Have a good day and relax, I am back.


At 7:32 AM, Blogger Tim Morris said...

Well, I for one am glad to have you back!


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