Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday's Wonderings

Sorry about the title, but it was the best I could come up with today. I didn't do my normal Monday Morning Musings because I was at the annual assembly of churches on my jurisdictional district. How was that for a formal way to say "District Assembly"?

Sunday was a day. My mike went out about 2 minutes into the sermon, actually the battery went out. Mind you, I replaced the batteries just before the service from what I thought was a group of new batteries. Why would someone put old batteries in with new ones? Now I am suspcious of all batteries in that group. So I had to preach holding a mike, that severely limits my style. We had decent attendance. The whole thing seemed a bit tame and sterile, at least that's how I felt. Maybe it was the fact that it was snowing on April 13! Maybe it was how many regular attenders were absent, several still sick with this junk that won't go away. Maybe it was just me. The great news is that God is still God and he still ministered where we faltered. There were still people who were impacted and encouraged. Aren't you glad that God is not limited by our limitations?

Our District Assembly had some great moments, some okay moments and some down right boring moments. I came away encouraged by what God is doing in many churches under difficult circumstances. I was further impressed by what is happening in many of the countries around the world where our denomination is ministering. I was encouraged by the passion that most of my brother pastors have for their ministry, their church and our God.

Gotta go to a meeting. Have a great day.


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