Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How's Your Sight?

I went a number of years without contacts or glasses. Not because I had 20/20 vision but because I was getting by and didn't want to bother with either one. I was passing my eye tests for my driver's license, I could read okay and I had no trouble seeing to play ball, golf and many other things. Then...

I had an eye exam for a license renewal and struggled to see the letters and numbers, still passed but I knew my time was getting short to not have some type of help from my eyes. Then while waiting for a prescription with my wife I started putting on those $7 magnifier glasses that they have on racks at the pharmacy or grocery store. While goofing around with various "looks", I looked at a sign that had small lettering and realized that it was very clear to me at that moment. I believe my exact words were "Wow, is that how it should be?", or something like that.

I soon made an appointment with an eye doctor that I knew. Upon examination he asked me how I had been functioning without any glasses and observed that I must get a lot of headaches while studying. I assured him that I did indeed but that Tylenol in large quantities always took care of them. I left the appointment by picking out frames for my new BIFOCALS! Yes I went from nothing to high powered bifocals. That was about 8 years ago.

I thought that my sight was okay because I was used to it and had learned how to work around by deficiencies. The truth was I had some blind spots and until confronted with them I was happy to pretend everything was okay.

That got me to thinking about my life and especially my spiritual life. How often do I have blind spots in my life? How often am I happy to "pretend" that everything is okay, when in fact I have some real deficiencies? I am praying that the Lord would help me to see my own blind spots and that those who know me best would help as well. Just like my doctor friend did with regard to my eyes.

How about you? How are you doing with your blind spots? Are you aware and working to correct them, or are you happily pretending everything is okay?


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