Thursday, May 01, 2008

My Sign

I posted a couple of days ago about what signs we wear. In other words, what people with whom we interact know us by how we come across to them and often they see a "sign" around our neck reminding them of who we are and how they should interact with us. I received a few excellent, and honest, responses from some who read this blog. You can still respond with what is on your sign.

I mentioned in that blog that I have worn a sign recently that is not always my sign, but it is obvious to those around me that is my current sign and that I would share it later. Now it is later, is that valid logic?

Recently I am sorry to admit that my sign says "Upset". It seems that many things have upset me recently, therefore I am reacting in a way that certainly lets people know that I am upset. What I am upset about is not the issue, but rather that I need to deal with it and change my sign. Don't worry, I realize it is okay to be upset at times as long as it is for valid reasons and as long as I don't take it out on the wrong people.

I think that my natural sign might read, "Let's have fun" and "I care about you". Which is why my recent sign bothers me so much. It is not how I am naturally, nor how I desire to be. So here's to getting back to my natural signs. How about you? What is your sign say? I still want to know.


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