Wednesday, April 30, 2008

5 Things, Finally ...

Some time back my buddy Rob, or Robbie-pooh to some, tagged me on his blog to write a post about the 5 Things I Want My Kids to Know Before They Grow Up. He has since posted a couple of reminders, called me out and tried to shame me into do this, since I am about to I guess it worked.

Part of my hesitation is that my kids are already grown and on their own. Notice that I didn't say grown up, that is more of a judgement thing. Another part of my hesitation is that so many people wrote about it that I wasn't sure what I could add and their stuff was so good.

Enough with the excuses. Here is my list, that guess is for my grandkids and for my kids because we can never be to old to learn.

1. That they are intimately known and passionately love by God.
2. That God has a plan for their life. If they will follow his plan it will be the most exciting ride they can possibly imagine.
3. Be a people person, build relationships, care about and serve others. Relationships are a big key to a successful life, starting with a relationship with Christ.
4. Have fun and enjoy life as you go. There will be some difficult times but don't dwell on those, instead look for the possibilities and enjoy your life.
5. Know that you are loved. By God as I have already mentioned, but also by your family (even your brothers and sisters) and more than I can ever express you are loved my me.
5b. (Hey it is my list) Be an encourager. Everyone can use it and people will look to you because they are not likely getting encouragement from too many others.

Okay Rob I have done it. SO BACK OFF and I mean that in Christian love.


At 9:26 AM, Blogger Rob said...

'Bout time!! are part of my post for today....make sure you read my post on Rocki...God used you, and you probably didn't even know it!


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