Saturday, May 03, 2008

Recent Reads ...

During our few days of camping vacation I did a fair amount of reading. Here is the results...

"CONFESSIONS OF A PASTOR" by Craig Groeschel - I finished this during vacation. This was an excellent book that I highly recommend for anyone. It deals with many things that everyone faces and he was leading the way in admitting that he struggles in some of these areas. It is not a difficult read and he does a nice job of laughing at himself to deal with difficult areas.

"OPENING DAY" (I can't remember the author's name) - I bought and read this during vacation. It is about Jackie Robinson's first year in major league baseball. In case you didn't know, Jackie Robinson was the first man of color to play major league baseball. It was a good read, but remember I love sports and history. I still think most people would enjoy, and if you like baseball you would really appreciate a lot of the book. It was not the best read, but it was very good. A good vacation book.

"BREAKING THE MISSIONAL CODE" by Ed Stetzer & David Putman - I began this book and am nearly finished. It starts very strong and the first half is excellent. It challenges your thinking about church and church structure, by focusing on reading your community as a missionary. The idea is that we must be aware of the area we are in, and/or the groups we are targeting to make a significant impact. The back third of the book slows down in my opinion, thus the fact that I didn't finish it. Don't worry I will finish it shortly.

I also did numerous crossword puzzles and read a Sports Illustrated. My wife and I played a lot of games and of course we fished a lot.

Here's hoping you find something meaningful to read this week.

P.S. I finished the book of Acts in my reading straight through the Bible.


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