Thursday, October 07, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today is the birthday of my wife and my oldest grand daughter. One turns 6 today and the other one has two numbers in her age. Both are beautiful. Both captured my heart. Both have an infectious laugh and their eyes twinkly when they laugh. Both have strong opinions and will stand up for what they believe. Both are caring. Both love to sing. Both make me smile just thinking about them. Both wish they were taller than they are, and sometimes claim to be taller than the tale of the tape declares. Both have older siblings and at times have been spoiled by those same siblings. Both have a heart for God and desire to serve Him. Both are loved by me more than I possibly express.

So Happy Birthday to my bride and my first grand daughter. May you sense God's grace in a fresh way today. May you continue to find ways to help others. May you know that you are loved, by God, by me and all of your family. May you continue to sing to the Lord. May you continue to laugh, often and loudly. May you smiles continue to light up whatever room you are in. May know you are a child of the King. May you know that you are special, created by God for special things. May you continue to allow me brag on you for as long as I have the ability to do so.

Monday, October 04, 2010

What If ...

What if I really followed Jesus, all the time, in all ways with all I have? What if … What if I really gave Him everything, no strings attached and no exceptions? What if … What if I really believed every word of His Word and quit trying to figure out which parts don’t apply to me? What if … What if I loved liked Jesus does, recklessly, passionately, unconditionally? What if … What if I prayed fervently as if lives depended on it? What if … What if I went where I know God wants me to go? What if … What if I served each person as if I were serving Christ himself? What if … What if I cried as much for the pain in others lives as I cry about my own? What if … What if I preached each message as if it might be my last? What if … What if I led courageously? What if … What if my wife, my kids and grandkids knew that I loved them more than words can ever tell? What if …

What would my relationship with Christ look like? What would change in my daily routines? What would I watch, read and say? Where would I be? What would my church look like? What would be different?

I don’t know the specific answers to the questions, but I imagine that many things look and be different. So, why not?