Friday, April 19, 2013

I Quit ...

I Quit! There I said it. Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever wanted to say it? Have you ever been stopped from doing it? I have. My answer is "I have.", to all of the questions I just proposed.

I am not sure why God stopped me but he did. So I assume there is a reason he has something I need to learn.

Now stop asking what I want to quit and why, that is not the point of these thoughts.

So here is what I am learning so far.
    I need to pause whenever I am tempted to quit. In that pause I need to listen to what I might miss in the noise of my regular activities.
    I need to look around and make sure I am actually seeing, and sensing, things accurately and that I am really seeing all that I should be seeing.
    I need do what I know I am called to do until that call changes and I am not the one who changes that call. Since the call is God's then any change to it needs to come from him.
    I do need quit, I need to quit trying to control everything and keep surrendering to the one who gave everything.

So for now I will keep learning and listening to the one who called me in the first place and leave any changes to the call up to him.

So what are you learning?