Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Musings ...

Wow, I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted. I was gone for a couple of the weeks, but am back now. So here goes...

Yesterday was a difficult day for me. A lot of little things didn't go so well as we headed into worship and then our attendance was terrible. I don't know if it was the heat or the low attendance but the atmosphere just seemed really flat. I had a really hard time getting past that atmosphere.

Began a new sermon series yesterday from Matthew 26:6-13 and entitled "Why This Waste?" Have you ever asked that question, or heard someone else ask you that question? How would you define "waste"? Here are a few ways to define waste: an excess of something; something not being used or being used for the wrong purpose; something useful being tossed aside or ignored.

To help lay the foundation for this series we examined the facts of the incident described in Matthew 26:6-13. The facts are Jesus was present. This is the most important fact of this situation and it is the most important fact of your life as well. Is Jesus present in your life? If not, don't worry about the rest, get connected to Jesus first, ask Him into your heart and life. Another fact is that someone poured out their best for Christ. This gift was irrevocable. She couldn't take it back once she poured it out. The vessel holding the perfume was likely broken so it could be poured out which means the vessel could no longer be used for it's previous use. The contents were given completely to Christ. Nothing was held back. Also, there was no chance for a refund from what she gave up. I think this is a reason many of us don't our all to Christ, we are looking for the promise of a refund. You know, just in case things don't go as we imgagined they would go. Jesus called the disciples and said "follow me", he didn't promise where that would lead. The last fact we examined was that this giving, actually this way of living, was mis understood. If you are only willing to serve Christ in ways that will be understood by everyone then you will not serve.

What are the facts in your life right now? Is Jesus present in your life? Are you giving Christ your best, irrevocably and completely? Are you holding out for a refund promise in case your service for Christ doesn't go your way?

What will you do with these facts?

Friday, July 01, 2011

Monday Morning Musings ... on Friday

On Monday my wife and I drove half way and handed 6 of our grandkids back to their parents. We had grandkids with us for a week and now we are recovering. That is why my musings didn't get posted on Monday. The next 3 days were met with one interruption after another, including a huge electrical surge that messed with all kinds of things at Church. The electrical problem took 24 hours to get fixed then we had to assess what we lost. Fortunately we "only" lost 2 A/C units. Given what could have happened and what a neighbor lost I feel fortunate. So here goes the musings, late but still coming at ya.

We helped our attendance by having 6 grandkids with us on Sunday. Our attendance was reasonable for a late June Sunday. My message on Sunday was entitled "Do You Accept this Charge?" from I Kings 2:1-3. In the old days you would sometimes answer the phone only to hear an operator tell you that someone was calling you long distance and wanted to reverse the charges. (That seems like a really long time ago, doesn't it?) If you responded in affirmative you were accepting the call and the costs. The Charge in I Kings was of King David imparted wisdom to his son Solomon and challenging him. We all have the choice of whether to accept this charge from God's Word. First David gave Solomon a couple of reminders. First, "be strong". Not in your own strength, but in the strength of the Lord and the Holy Spirit. Also he reminded him to show yourself to be a man, a man of God. We need to live as men and women of God if we make that claim. Not the world's definition, but God's definition. Quit trying to impress the world according to their definitions and show yourself to be who God created and called you to be.

The Charge: "Observe what the Lord your God requires". There is a right and wrong, and it is not based on how you feel. To live this way requires you to walk in God's way. Not yours, better yet, make his ways your ways and make walking in God's way your natural walk. Also, keep God's decrees, his commands, laws and requirements. This can only be done if you know God's Word, know God's ways and know God's will. If you know the Word, you will know God's ways and if you know the Word and God's ways his will become obvious for you. So, do it! It is time for us to follow Jesus. it is time to walk in his ways and quit trying to explain why our sin is the exception to God's word, ways and will. Then remember that God will be faithful to do his part. He always has been and always will be.

What will you do with this charge? Will you accept the charge and the call that comes with it? Will you pay the price?