Saturday, July 21, 2012

Why wait?

Why do I so often wait? That question has been bouncing off the walls of my brain and heart this week. The question is related to prayer, intense, passionate prayer. I have been asking why do I so often wait until I am hip deep in the crisis before I really get intense about praying. It's not that I don't pray about people and things before the crisis sets in, it just seems that too often I don't really get intense in my prayers until after the crisis has begun.

Why do I so often wait? Do you wait? What if we didn't wait? What if we more often got intense in our praying about the needs we see, hear and sense? What if we prayed more intensely more often for those we know who are without Christ, or those who struggling with guilt, or those who are so lonely it hurts, or those who don't know how to handle a rebellious kid, or those who wonder how to make their marriage wonderful, or those who are wondering if they will ever find the one, or the teen who desperately want to fit in without giving in, or ....?

I want to find out what could happen if I don't wait. How about you?


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