Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Musings ...

It has been a while since I posted anything. To the 7 people who check out this blog, sorry about that, it has been a very hectic couple of weeks.

Yesterday was a very good day, with some odd elements to it. My Sunday morning class was very good and we had some great discussion, but it was the smallest group we have had in a long time. In worship the music went well, even with some late adjustments that had to be made. I enjoyed the songs and especially the way my wife ministered as she sang a special. There was a pretty good spirit as I got up to preach and then it seemed to flatten out. From comments I have heard since the service people were listening and some were impacted through the message. But during the message I could get almost no read on whether people were even listening let alone being impacted through the Word. Some weeks are just that way, but I will never get used to them. We had decent attendance even though we actually had a little winter this weekend. Our small group Sunday night was great. Good discussion on our Bible study and great times of laughter and real fellowship.

Yesterday was the 5th in the series "Yes Lord ...". We were in Matthew 9:27-31; Ephesians 3:14-21 and Daniel 3. We looked at the need for us to be obedient to Christ. Obedience is a hallmark of one who follows Christ. Obedience is the evidence of faith. Satan does not mind if you believe in Christ, even the demons believe in God. Satan is concerned with whether you are obedient to Christ. Belief means little if it is not lived out. Obedience must be decided before the moment of action. If you are not putting obedience into action before the crisis, then you will likely default to safety and selfishness when the crisis comes.

The solution to our disobedience has many facets and they include our relationship with Christ. Without an intimate, growing relationship with Christ you will not choose to obey in a crisis. You must start in your daily choices. This establishes a pattern and determines if you will obey in the big moments. If you don't obey in the routine you are not likely to obey in a crisis. The solution involves our surrender to God's will. If you are still doing your own thing, the you will be obedient to this selfish pattern. You must surrender your will to God to be obedient to his will. Hudson Taylor said, "The real secret of an unsatisfied life lies too often in an unsurrendered will." Halfhearted obedience satisfies neither us, nor God. The solution means trusting God. You must believe that he has your best interests in mind. You must believe that he knows what is best for you. Trust him when you don't understand the next step he is asking you to take. You don't need to know the why in order to obey. You will never "drift" into obedience. Obedience requires a faithful choice. You need to act on your belief. If you don't act on your beliefs then what good are your beliefs? You need to say "Yes Lord ..." to whatever he is asking of you.

What is the evidence of your obedience? Are you being obedient daily? Are you living what you claim to believe? Thomas a Kampis said "Whoever strives to withdraw from obedience, withdraws form grace."


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