Saturday, December 17, 2011

Last Sunday's musings ...

This week has been a long and difficult one. I was gone Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. I was with 4 great college friends for our annual weekend get together. It was a great time as usual, I got up early Sunday and drove back home for Sunday's worship. I learned of the death of a 41 who was the father of a couple of former teens and then a couple of other happenings that were not good. Then on Monday I drove a couple of hours to attend the funeral of a 29 year wife and mother of 2 toddlers. She was my youngest daughter's best friend while I pastored in that town some years ago. She was at our house often and my daughter was at her house often. Her parents were great workers in the church. I just knew it was one I needed to attend. The service was how a believer's service should be, but it was still difficult and I am brokenhearted for her parents, grandparents, husband and children. Then on Wednesday I attended the visitation for the 41 year old Dad and tried to express comfort his teenage children. This was not an easy week, I guess that contributed to me not posting anything about Sunday until now.

Sunday was a difficult (as stated above) but good day. I continued the Christmas series on the names of Christ from Isaiah 9:6. This week we looked at the name, and role of, Prince of Peace. The Prince of Peace relieves fears. In Luke 1:29-30 the angel said to Mary "Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God." There are well over 300 times in scripture that we are told to not be afraid or fear not. The name and role of Prince of Peace is so powerful and very much needed by all of us. Relieving fears doesn't mean that Christ will always take away what prompted our fears, but he will relieve us of the fear. If we allow him to he will relieve our fear. The Prince of Peace gives us a source of courage. The Prince of Peace gives us the ability to shine through the chaos. Think about this, light has its greatest impact in the darkest times. When things are bright light doesn't stand out, it is in the dark that light has it's greatest attraction. The Prince of Peace will comfort and carry you when needed. Great confidence should come with this knowledge. Too often we want to be comforted and carried even when we don't need it. Remember, we need to be confronted at times and comforted at others. A problem exists when we get those confused. The Prince of Peace should be shared with others. This is not someone for us to keep to ourselves. The declaration from the angels to the shepherds in Luke 2 was "good news of great joy will be for all the people." Notice it is for "all the people" which means we are to share this information and experience. This peace, and certainly the Prince of Peace, is not to be hoarded, but shared.

Do you recognize the Prince of Peace? Do you live in the knowledge that you have him available to you? Do you regularly share this knowledge with others?


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