Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was another good day. Had good discussion in our Sunday School class, a good worship service and another great time with our small group Sunday evening. I had my 6 year pastoral review with the District Superintendent and church board earlier in the week and they unanimously extended our call for another 4 years. I love moving past those things.

We had good attendance again Sunday and we even were able to record the message on video. It is very simple and the lighting isn't the best but we finally got it recorded.

Sunday was part 2 of the series "Not A Fan". As we examine our relationship with Jesus to see if we are really a follower or just a fan. We are using Luke 9:23-24 as the foundation for the series. Last week asked some questions to define the relationship. This week we asked "who can become a follower?" Jesus answers that question in verse 23 when he says "If anyone would come after me. ..." Anyone can become a follower if they choose to follow Jesus. Anyone is welcome to become a follower. But, who is anyone? In our culture many things are advertised as being all inclusive, or available to anyone, but then you notice there is an asterisk attached to invitation. When you read the fine print you realize that it really isn't available to anyone. Jesus said anyone, and there is no asterisk attached. One way people could tell Jesus meant anyone, was by looking at who he had following him. Peter, Matthew and other were not the type of followers you would normally put on the front of your advertising brochure. In Acts 4:13 the religious elite noted that Peter and John were "unschooled, ordinary men".

The invitation is for anyone which means there are no qualifications. No qualifications means there are no excuses. Getting rid of the barriers that keep people from following means there are no legitimate excuses. What excuse have you been hiding behind recently?

Following Jesus is available to anyone, but it means everything. A follower will follow Jesus everywhere. Wherever he calls you to go. It may be right where you are, but a follower will go wherever he calls you to go. A follower will follow Jesus anytime. Not just when it is convenient for us, but whenever he calls. We are not to show Jesus our calendar and tell we have a little time on Thursday. We are to lay our calendar, our life, out before him and ask him fill it. A follower will follow Jesus no matter what.

Anyone means you. Are you ready to follow? Are you willing to follow? Will you follow?


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