Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monday Musings ... on Tuesday

Sunday was another good day. The spirit in our worship was very good, some youth coming on their own, a good time in small group and a fun surprise for a couple's 25th wedding anniversary. Also, the vote was very strong for us to purchase a second parsonage for our youth pastor, so we are getting a phenomenal deal after looking for 3 years. Our new Associate Pastor will arrive this week and be on the job next Sunday.

Sunday was the 5th sermon in the series "Why This Waste?" from Matthew 26:6-13. The key question this week was "What offends/upsets you?" When the woman poured out the expensive perfume on Jesus others (the disciples) were upset and offended at what she did. It illustrates the old Ben Franklin quote, "Anger is never without a reason, but seldom a good one." In my 28+ years of ministry I have heard some interesting tales of what upsets people. Your answer to this question shows your priorities. After all you are not likely to get too upset at anything that isn't important to you. Does what you get upset at reflect what you claim are your highest priorities? The reason behind what you get upset is important to understand as well.

We need to follow Jesus' lead in this area. What upset Jesus? Look back through scripture and see what Jesus got upset about, that would include what he cried over. Does your answer to the question match what upset Jesus? We need to re-evaluate what we are sensitive about. One study says "90% of the friction of daily life is caused by the wrong tone of voice." A lady came to Billy Sunday to rationalize her angry outbursts. "There's nothing wrong with losing my temper, I blow up and then it's all over." Billy Sunday replied, "So does a shotgun, and look at the damage it leaves behind." The spotlight in this area is that we need to show the world Jesus in this matter, they don't need to see anymore selfish actions by those who claim to follow Christ.

What offends/upsets you? What are you sensitive about? Are these in line with the actions of Jesus?


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