Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Musings ...

Yesterday was an outstanding day. Last night was our annual Dessert Theatre. We have a musical progam, usually with drama, the place is decorated up in extra ways and there are tons (at least it seems like it) of delicious desserts for all to enjoy. This year our children did a Christmas musical entitled Joyland. The 49 children involved did a great job. We had nearly a full house and people had a great time. The pastoral staff, spouses and fiance' provided breakfast for the church as our Christmas gift to the church body. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Our attendance in worship was outstanding as well. The only negative on the day was that the giving was the lowest it has been in many weeks. Overall it was a memorable day with many good contacts, great fellowship and most importantly the "good news of great great joy" was presented to many people.

The message was number three on the names and roles of Jesus from Isaiah 9:6. This week we examined the name and role of "Everlasting Father". This can be a difficult one for many people because their relationship with their earthly father is not great. We are in a crisis mode in our country in the area of fathers, because too many of them are either absent physically or do not have a healthy relationship with their children. This often creates struggles for people in their relationship with Christ. Scott J. Larson has written "A whole new mission field has developed in America: Fathering fatherless kids." I don't think churches, or followers of Christ, are doing much in this mission field.

When it comes to the Everlasting Father remember: many things are temporary God is eternal. How many things in your life have been around for 5 years, or 10, 25 or more? God is still God and he is eternal. Remember Dad is not leaving, he is the Everlasting Father. Look at Joshua 1:5, Deuteronomy 31:5 and Hebrews 13:5. With all of the planned obsolescence (are you impressed that I have know that word?) in our society it is awesome to know that God is still God and he is sticking around. He is not leaving you, he is not forsaking you. He is everlasting and available to you. Remember his love is everlasting. His love is not conditional, partial or temporary. Remember, his plan for you is eternal. He created you and has plans for you and he is not looking to replace you. He desires to spend eternity with you. Remember, he desires to be Dad. A close, intimate, personal and loving relationship with you. Not a distant, disappearing or uncaring person, but your Dad. The one who comforts, protects, confronts, cares, motivates and loves you. Becoming a father (for us humans) is biological, but becoming a Dad is relational. The Everlasting Father desires to be Dad.

How is your relationship with the Everlasting Father? Are you allowing him to have that role in your life? Are you doing anything for the fatherless around you?


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