Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reflections on 2011 ...

some more good things from 2011:

We started small groups this year at church. The small group that my wife and I lead and host is a great group. They are all young adults and they put up with us. We have great times of study and discussion we also have great times of laughing and sharing while we eat together. We have between 10 and 22 attend. It is also cool to realize that all but a couple of them have begun attending in the 6 years we have been here.

Our oldest daughter was married this year. She is an wonderful follower of Christ and it was so great to watch her relationship with such a great guy. He loves the Lord. I know this because the first time we met him my wife said I have one question for you, "Do you love Jesus?". His answer was, and still is, yes. He is a great guy, my daughter really loves him and he loves her and treats her well. He is even learning to handle it when our whole clan gets together, which now that he has joined us is up to 15. The wedding was beautiful and fun, and the bride was even more beautiful. I have had the privilege to give away my two daughters to great young men, and to see my son marry a great young lady as well. I am a blessed man.

This year the Lord directed me in my study, and my preaching, to really focus on living out what I claim to believe. It has been some of the most challenging, and motivating, study and preaching I have ever done. There were many times that I was literally overwhelmed as I prepared to preach and a few times I was overwhelmed while trying to preach these messages. I am really excited by what God is leading me into this year.

This year something was added to my coaching volleyball. We had a team dinner nearly every week this season once we started playing real games. Sometimes we had a couple of them. Jody and I hosted most of them. Okay, Jody did most of the work but they were at our house so I figure I some credit, don't I? These turned out to be great times of bonding. Jody and I learned a lot listening to them tell stories on each other. I can honestly say that we love these girls. The dinners were actually the girl's idea, and it was a great one. Looking forward to do it again next season and even expanding it. In fact Jody and I miss them so much we are going to have a few dinners in the off season.

Jody and I were able to take a nearly 2 week vacation. A wonderful couple in our church allowed us to use their trailer. I helped him set it up at campground nearby. We had an awesome lot with plenty of shade that had a great view of the lake. We just 20 or 30 yards from the lake. We spent nearly the whole time reading, fishing, sleeping, occasionally playing card games or eating. We had several campfires at night. It was a wonderfully relaxing time and one of the highlights of the year.

We were able to have 4 of our grandkids for a week this summer. This was while their mom went to Ethiopia to bring back their newly adopted brother and their dad was working at a camp. Then we added the other 2 grandkids for 3 days. So for a few days we had 6 grandkids staying with us. It was great! They are, and were, great. I will admit we slept well the first couple of days after they went back to their parents, but we loved it.

What good things are you thankful for from 2011?


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