Monday, January 02, 2012

Monday Musings ...

Yesterday was another very good day. It was cool to begin a new year in worship together with our church family. Many came and worshiped with us even though they had had a short than usual night. We also had a wedding in the evening of New Year's Eve, a first for me. We even had visitors on New Year's Day. There was a good spirit in the service and the congregation seemed to be very attentive and engaged with the message. I was battling as I preached, my back was killing me. I was sitting with an ice pack on it during worship until I got up to preach. I only had a couple of spasms while I was preaching. Got home and laid down and rested the back for a few hours then Jody and I went to a funeral home for visitation for the father of a man in our church.

Yesterday's message was in I Samuel 17, the story of David and Goliath and focused on attacking our giants. We must focus on God first. David had such confidence in attacking Goliath because his focus was on God. He remembered how God had helped him in the past and he recognized that this battle belonged to the Lord. Focus on God first remembering that he is risen, he is living, he has called you and he will deliver you. You must also acknowledge your giants. Don't pretend you have none. Ignoring the giants doesn't make them go away, in fact it simply makes them bolder. You need to depend on the right power. Your own strength or stuff won't win. Look at David trying on King Saul's armor, it didn't fit and the power wasn't in the stuff but in the Savior. Pray for the power and for the ability to recognize the difference between self-reliance and confidence in God. You must use what God provides. Sometimes it is simple and we assume it can't be used of God. David didn't use Saul's armor, instead he got some stones and used the sling he already had in his possession. We often waste a lot of time and energy seeking what God has already provided. What do you already have that God wants you to use for his glory? You need to realize that when you attack your giants in God's strength others will be encouraged to attack their own giants. When David went after Goliath the rest of the Israelite army, who had been withdrawing in fear, charged forward and won a great victory. They did this after seeing David's faith and obedience.

Will you be David for your family, or church, this year? What giants are in your life? Are you going to attack them or continue to hide from them?


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