Sunday, December 16, 2012

Now What ...?

With all of the shocking news of the events in Newtown, Connecticut most of us are on an emotional roller coaster. Emotions swing from shock to anger and everything in between. The two most common questions seem to be Why? and How? Both are one word questions. But there are no one word answers. As far as "How?" we have received some information and will likely receive even more, but it will never be a complete answer. Regarding the "Why?" there will be a lot of speculation but it is unlikely that we will ever received a satisfactory answer to this one.

I have moved to a third question, "Now what?" Maybe it is the need in my personality to get past just the facts and move to some type of application. I tend to view most of life through this application lens. The other part of it for me is the desire to now do something to help. There could be an endless of list to answer the "Now what?" that I am asking.

I have landed on a few areas of the "Now what?", at least for me. Prayer, not just casual saying I will pray but really praying. Praying for the families that will never be the same. Praying for the surviving children as they cope with this horrific event in their life. Praying for the teachers and school personnel who will continue to help these students while they deal with their own grief of losing students, fellow teachers and administrators. Praying for the pastors in the Newtown area as comfort people and bring guidance in a senseless situation. Another area of my "Now what?" is to listen and watch. Listen to God's voice and guidance. Listen to the pain in people around me whether they are admitting it or not. Listen for the joys of everyday life. Watch for opportunities to help those in pain. Watch for the God moments that happen everyday but that I so often just blow right by. Watch for opportunities to bring hope to so many that feel hopeless and helpless. Another of "Now what?" actions is to make a difference in someone's life everyday. Sometimes with a helping hand. Sometimes with concentrated prayer for a specific person. Sometimes with a smile or hug. Sometimes with giving them something. Sometimes by just being there for them. Sometimes by reminding them that Christ is passionately in love with them. Sometimes ... well I hope as I pray, as I watch and listen I will be aware of more actions I can take to make a difference.

What are your "Now whats"?


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