Monday, October 04, 2010

What If ...

What if I really followed Jesus, all the time, in all ways with all I have? What if … What if I really gave Him everything, no strings attached and no exceptions? What if … What if I really believed every word of His Word and quit trying to figure out which parts don’t apply to me? What if … What if I loved liked Jesus does, recklessly, passionately, unconditionally? What if … What if I prayed fervently as if lives depended on it? What if … What if I went where I know God wants me to go? What if … What if I served each person as if I were serving Christ himself? What if … What if I cried as much for the pain in others lives as I cry about my own? What if … What if I preached each message as if it might be my last? What if … What if I led courageously? What if … What if my wife, my kids and grandkids knew that I loved them more than words can ever tell? What if …

What would my relationship with Christ look like? What would change in my daily routines? What would I watch, read and say? Where would I be? What would my church look like? What would be different?

I don’t know the specific answers to the questions, but I imagine that many things look and be different. So, why not?


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