Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a good day. God is still working through this series "A Celebration of Healing/Recovery". Yesterday was the final part of that series, I always struggle with conclusions for series and yesterday was no different but God is still God.

We had several men gone at a retreat and several other regulars gone for a variety of reasons. We had to do some scrambling to fill spots and some we did not know were going to be gone until they didn't show up. We are also without part of our sound system as it is being replaced and has not arrived. We made do and again God is still God and did his thing.

We still had a decent attendance and it appears a few new people have decided that we are there home church, that is encouraging. We had some good sharing about our new recovery ministry that begins next week. The people who shared were vulnerable and honest in their testimonies.

Principle #8 in the sermon series is "Yield myself to be used by God to bring this Good News to others, both by my example and by my words." The key word in this principle is "yield". Romans 6:11-23 is the foundation for this principle. Yield what? Yield yourself, including your thoughts, body, attitudes, motives, time, stuff, etc... Yield your hurts and pain. Why would you want to hold onto to it? But we often nurture it, and don't recognize that God wants to recycle your pain. When something is recycled it is broken down, refined, reformed and then used as new again. Yield your habits, God can help you overcome them. Holding on to them has not helped has it?

How can you yield this stuff? It starts with you offering yourself, habits, and hurts. This is choice, God has given us free will. You must choose. To yield you need to die to sin, self and style. Romans 6:11 says, "count yourself dead to sin". Live as you are dead to sin, self and style. By style I mean the appearance we so often think is what a follower of Christ looks like. Style is not the issue, substance is what matters. Yield by being alive in Christ. Following Christ is the most exciting life anyone can choose. It is a sin to bore people with the Gospel or to be boring as a disciple of Christ. We are literally set free when we yield ourselves to Christ. It is under his control and we are free to just live the life he has for us.

Why should I yield, what difference does it make? Yield so you can be an instrument for Christ. An instrument is available to the owner for to follow the intended purpose. The purpose includes sharing the Good News, offering healing to others and to offer love to people dying to be loved. Your purpose includes offering acceptance to those who are lost and to show and share forgiveness. God's forgiveness and yours. All of this is to be shared with others, not kept to ourselves or some select group. Then you will be able to enjoy eternal life and realize the grace of God is for you.

Are you yielded? Yes? or No? What is your choice? I pray that you are working the principles in your life.


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