Monday, July 05, 2010

Monday Morning Musings ...

I began some vacation time yesterday, so yesterday was a very different but very good day. I officiated a wedding out of state on Saturday night, so we were a long way from home on Sunday morning. We attended a church plant in the area, the big bonus was that the pastor's wife was a part of the youth group at a church I used to pastor. It was a very good experience. It was great to spend some time talking with the pastor, his wife was at their district's family camp. Missing her was unfortunate, but it was a good experience.

Getting to visit another church is a unique experience for us. We saw some great things, got a few ideas and were reminded of somethings we need to do better. Got a couple of great quotes that will show up in a sermon soon. I love seeing any church that is preaching the Word and people's lives are being changed. My hat goes off to church plants and church planters. They usually have to set up and tear down each and every week and store all of their equipment and resources somewhere else. That is dedication and it takes a real commitment.

The wedding went very well. It was a real joy to do participate with a couple who love each other and love the Lord. They were a joy to work with and everything went very smoothly. It was an outdoor wedding. It was hot, but that was the only problem. The sound system worked, there was a breeze but it was not a problem. No one fainted, everyone got to where they were supposed to be, the music sounded great and they are married and on their honeymoon. There was some excitement the day of rehearsal as one of the sets of grandparents were in a serious accident on the way to the wedding. But they were, and are, okay. The car is toast. Just another reminder of how precious and fragile life is.

Everything I have heard is that worship went well back home with the exception of the lowest attendance in many years. It is nice to be able to be gone and not have to worry about how things are at home.

On vacation, and I plan to enjoy it. Have a great week yourself.


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