Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tuesday's thoughts ...

With yesterday being a holiday, with a parade, open house and another meeting I decided to wait and make my Monday morning musings into Tuesday's thoughts.

Sunday was a very good day. We had a good worship service. There was good energy in our time of singing. We honored one of my Associates and his wife because they just celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary. We had a lot of visitors (good thing because our regular attenders took advantage of the holiday weekend). The weather was outstanding. The message was on a topic that we all struggle with, but the congregation seemed to be engaged in the message.

We are still without our projectors, but were able to improvise and at least have the words for the songs on a screen for the congregation. I believe that really helped in picking up the energy during the singing portion of the service.

We had a new baby who was in worship for the first time, that is always a fun event. Yes, we had one last week as well. Hey, what can I say, we believe in church growth, one way or another.

The message was the 4th of a 7 part series entitled, "Words of Life for Relationships". Each week we are examining a phrase that is necessary for healthy, lasting relationships and understanding that these are not isolated phrases but are from scripture. We have looked at "Yes you can", "I believe in you", "Let me serve you" and this week it was "I forgive ...".

This is not always expressed in spoken words, but it is always shown through actions that are lived. Whether you say it or not, you must live it.

The scripture was Colossians 3:12-14.

I forgive because Jesus did. If I am following Christ then I need to follow him in this area of my relationships. Remember, he forgave you. He has forgiven you of much greater things than anything that has been done to you. Recognize that he forgives completely. There is nothing partial about Christ's forgiveness. This goes for what he forgives and how he forgives as well.

I forgive because I love. This is what goes over everything and literally holds it all together, see verse 14. I am not speaking of an emotion, or a warm fuzzy feeling, or of sexual actions, but of a choice that stands against all odds.

I forgive because Jesus heals as well as forgives. The hurt can be healed. Healing does not mean there was no pain, it means that where the pain was/is there can be healing. Scars are a sign of pain that has healed.

I forgive because no relationship will last without it. I know it, you know it and yet we often try to rationalize our lack of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not easy, but it is necessary. Forgiveness is costly, it is not free. Forgiveness is about us not the person who hurt us.

We had a few young adults over to our house for a cookout for lunch. It was a great time, we cooked outside, but we ate inside because it was hot. I am not complaining about the heat, just observing. Then I went to another of our high school graduations to honor one of our teens. When I got back home, my wife and I just relaxed. It was indeed a very good day.


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