Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Musings ...

Couldn't a "Monday Morning Musings" because the internet was down for a few hours so we will begin late today.

Yesterday was a very good day. The spirit in the service was very good during our music and prayer time. We took an extra offering to help send several kids to summer camp. Our church has really rallied for our children and youth to help them go to important events recently even though finances are tight. I am so proud of my congregation for seeing the big picture and continuing to invest in our children and youth.

The congregation was very engaged in the music on Sunday, that makes a big difference in the energy and atmosphere. We had several visitors, though our attendance was a little below average.

I continued the message series "Words of Life for Relationships". This week we looked at John 3:16-17 and Mark 16:6-7. The phrase we examined and used was "I believe in you". John 3:16-17 shows how much God believes in us, so much that he sent his son so that we might have life. That is some big belief! We also noted Jesus specifically pointing out that he believed in Peter, even after his flame out and denial of Christ. We must also believe in each other to have the type of relationships we really need, and to encouragement one another to do great things for God.

I believe in you even with your past failures. Jesus let Peter know this and lets us know this as well. There are enough people around reminding us of our screw ups, but Christ reminds us of his love and forgiveness. We need to do the same to each other.

I believe in you because I know my plans for you. Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us that God has plans for us, plans with a hope and a future. Satan's plans are hopeless and designed to harm us, God's plans are for the best in our life. God loves you and he loves his plans for you. Do you love his plans for you? Do your plans match God's plans?

I believe in you because you are uniquely gifted. God did not make a mistake when he created you. He gave you a personality and abilities that are unique and vital to his plans. You must discover your gifts and where those gifts are to be used in God's plans. Yes you can, our phrase last week from I Thessalonians 5:24.

What, and who do you believe in? What will you do with the fact that someone believes in you? Who will you believe in?

I gave everyone a card that simply said "I believe in you", I signed the cards and taped a dime to it to indicate that I think they are a '10'. I have used a similar card in some other churches. I know it is kind of corny, but I want to give a visual reminder that someone believes in them. God does and so do I.

Who do you know who needs to hear that you believe in them?


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