Thursday, May 06, 2010

Lots of Questions ...

I love questions, I have always been a questioner (is that a real word? If not I call dibs on creating it). Questions are powerful and they are great way to discover and create. Questions help clarify and sort things out. But sometimes questions weigh heavy on your heart and mind. Count me in that last group today.

Trying to figure out the answers to some tough questions. These don't have easy or simple answers. Or at least I don't think they do.

They aren't the kind of questions that you lay out on a blog or facebook. They are the gnawing, energy consuming type of questions that hang in your mind no matter what you are doing. Have you ever dealt with those type of questions?

Todd Agnew has a song entitled "War Inside", that is a pretty good description of how I feel today. Maybe that is not a good word picture, because my war is not between two distinct things from which I must choose. My war is more multiple choice without clear choices. At least that is what I believe at the moment. I am seeking to determine if the questions are real and if the faint ideas of answers that I think I see are real. How is that for being cryptic?

So I am going to keep listening. I am going to keep seeking the answers. For now I am standing with confidence, not in me but in the one who has called me. I Thessalonians 5:24 says "The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it." At the moment I don't know what "it" is, but he does and that is all I need to know at this moment.

Lord, give me courage to follow whatever "it" is, for now and the future.


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