Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Musings ...

Internet issues again (maybe the internet doesn't like my blog) and other unexpected things have prevented me from posting this sooner. Yesterday was a very good day. We honored our H.S. graduates during worship, that is always fun. We were without our projectors, and will be for a couple of weeks, as they both quit running last week. So we had words to songs on paper and there was no sermon outline on the screens. That messed with people's heads a little, so it was kind of dead during singing.

We had a family come with their 2 week old baby for his first worship service. That always brings lots of smiles. We have had 3 babies born into the church in the past 2 months. True church growth :)

I continued my series on "Words of Life for Relationships", taking phrases that are powerful for our relationships from scripture and applying them to our lives. Yesterday phrase was "Let me serve you" from Matthew 20:20-28. We need to have an attitude of service because that's what Jesus did. Dino Rizzo said "if you seek to serve Christ then you will serve others. When Christ is in you then service is in your DNA." (Servolution) We need to serve because people are drawn toward service. Who made positive impressions on your life, those who demanded or those who served? Who do you want to spend time around those who wait to be served, or those who look to serve others. We need to serve because people are encouraged and uplifted when you serve. So how uplifted and encouraged are those around you? We need to serve because we are called to serve. Service is not option for those who claim to follow Christ. Are you trying to make service an optional activity? We need to serve because it breaks down barriers in our relationships. It is difficult to hold a grudge when serving someone or when being served by them.

Are you serving those closest to you? Are you serving whoever, wherever, whenever?

In the afternoon I had the honor of speaking to our local H.S. graduates at their Baccalaureate. This is the second time I have been able to do this, and it is exciting and stomach churning at the same time. I will share more later on what I said to them.

About a little over an hour after the Baccalaureate was the actual graduation. That was so fun to see them and hear the speeches. The Valedictorian was from our church and her speech was great. The class president was one of my volleyball girls and her speech was great as well. With each passing year I know more and more of the graduates personally so each ceremony takes on more meaning.

It was a very good day. The fact that the sun came out, it stopped raining and warmed up were added bonuses.

Here's hoping you are seeking to serve this week.


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