Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a good day. I was gone the past 2 Sundays, so it was nice to be back. It always feels a little different after 2 weeks away from preaching. It is the middle of July and our attendance reflected that fact. We enjoyed a good time of singing during worship.

My messaged was from John 13: 1-17 and dealt with having the heart of a servant. How would you describe your heart? I have the heart of a ... lion?, coward?, leader?, salesman?, teacher?, or servant? How would those who know you best describe your heart?

Jesus clearly had the heart of a servant. Jesus the Messiah, God's own son, the Savior of the world, miracle worker, teacher, healer, the perfect one also had the heart of a servant. So what is your excuse not to have a servant's heart? Interesting that the disciples ignored the wash basin as they came in, even though they knew according to their culture one of them should wash everyone's feet. There were no servants in this borrowed place, so one of them needed to do the dirty job. They walked right by the need hoping someone else would do it and let them off the hook. Do you ever do that? Jesus humbled himself and served. Jesus said that the real blessing comes from serving, not in being served. What is your expectation? Do you expect and seek to serve, or do hope or expect to be served. All of this requires a servant's heart. Just like Jesus.

How is your hear?

Had a great time of discussion and discovery in my group on Sunday night studying forgiveness.

Here's hoping you have a servant's heart this week.


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