Friday, July 09, 2010

Vacation stuff ...

As our vacation continues we have had some interesting experiences. Yesterday we went fishing for a little a while. We fished for a couple of hours, or I should say we were at the lake for a couple of hours. Just as we arrived and unloaded our stuff and claimed a couple of spots from which to fish onshore I started a conversation with a couple of high school guys who were just coming in from fishing on the lake. Seemed like nice guys who were out for a day of fishing and adventure. Talked about the ones the caught and the ones that got away. Just as I was getting ready to throw a line in the water I heard one of the young guys say to his friend that he had bad news. Their truck battery was dead. When asked how it happened he said he evidently left the headlights on, he then said "it is so ridiculous that you have to shut the lights off yourself". My how times have changed. I started to tell him about the "olden days", but thought better of it, instead I just asked if I could help. Neither of us had jumper cables, so my help was a no go. Then he called his Dad to tell what happened, the call every teen hates to make and every parent of a teen has received more than once. His Dad told him to try pushing the truck and popping the clutch to manually start the truck. I watched with amusement as the two guys pushed the truck 2 feet and tryed to pop the clutch. After they tried this a couple of times, I put my pole down and while trying to hide my laughter offered to help.

I told them it would require a little pushing than 2 feet. We pushed it back into the parking lot, my wife got behind the wheel and I helped the two guys push the truck around the parking lot. We didn't get it started. After more conversations with his Dad I suggested he flag down the park ranger and see if they had jumper cables. The ranger came with the cables but said she was not allowed to jump them, so I put my pole down again and offered to jump them. It took several minutes as they had really drained the battery. The motor finally roared to life to a big exclamation of relief from the guys.

I didn't end up catching any fish but I did get some unexpected exercise and a couple of new friends. My wife did catch 3 little fish. We were very generous and several fish were well fed with worms by the time we left. I am sure the fish were disappointed when the rains came and we left. But we did our part to help keep the fish healthy, well fed and happy.

Today our big vacation adventure was getting 2 new tires for the car since the front two had some of the steel belts showing. Do we know how to vacation or what?


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