Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was another good day. We made and served breakfast for over 300 people at the local High School yesterday morning. It the day of an annual 5k race to raise money for scholarships in memory of a longtime educator from the community. In an effort serve the community and be good citizens of our community we have made and served breakfast each of the 5 years of this race.

We had a good time of worship during the singing, people were very engaged as we sang.
The message was a clear presentation of the gospel. The scripture was Acts 4:12 and the message was entitled "What Have You Found?". People are searching for all kind of things, including salvation. What you find depends on where you search. Some common places people are searching for salvation are ... Yourself, this is very popular, just look at the self help section in bookstores. But no matter how hard you look, you will not find salvation in yourself. William Temple said, "The only thing of our very own which we contribute to our salvation is the sin which makes it necessary." People look for it in Stuff. Things will satisfy, but not for long. New stuff will come along and prompt us to be dissatisfied with our current stuff. Things are not the problem, but they are certainly not the solution either. People look for it in whatever Feels Good. That which feels good in the beginning may be destructive for you in the long run. The problem is you can suffer deep damage before you realize that the "feeling" is not the answer. People look for it in whatever is Popular at the moment. Salvation has nothing to do with popularity, remember they crucified Jesus.

So we need to recognize the real thing. Salvation is only found in Christ. Salvation is available to you and to everyone. Read John 3:16-17. Salvation has been offered but you must accept it for yourself. Salvation can make ordinary people courageous and extraordinary because of who died for them. Read Acts 4:13.

Where have you been looking? What will you do with what you found?

Sunday evening I began a new study in my group entitled, "Your God is Too Small". It is a look at what people believe about God. We had a great discussion as we began this study. I am really looking forward to this study.

Here's hoping you find what you the truth in your search this week.


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