Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hard to Figure Out ...

Let me give you a glimpse into the thinking of pastors, or at least this pastor. I believe from conversations with many pastors that my thinking in this area is fairly common. We pastors do a lot of evaluating. Of our sermons and lessons, of worship services, of all ministries in our church and of our church as a whole. We are constantly replaying messages, statements and meetings over in our minds. We are seeking to determine if we could have done anything differently.

One area that is a steady drain on us is asking how is our church, which means the people in the church, progressing spiritually? Here is the kicker, if things are not going as we believe God wants them to go what does that say about us?

What do we need to do differently, or is it just that people are not following? If they are not following are we the wrong person to be leading them? Are we leading them in the right way? Is there a different method we should be attempting? Is it just a lull, or are we going backwards?

I find these questions hard to figure out. Just a glimpse into a pastor's thinking, at least this pastor's.


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