Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a good day. We had very good weather for the last day of February and given our snow issues a few days earlier last week it made Sunday's weather seem that much better. Our time of singing went well with people fairly well engaged. We had a nice set up into prayer time and people seemed to be connected and praying during this time of worship. The special music went well and helped set up the sermon. Our attendance made a decent bounce back after being so low last week.

The message was the second in the series "The Lies We Believe", from Titus 3:3-8. We are looking at the deception of Satan, and from ourselves and culture and comparing it to the truth of God. This week the lie was "This is what you deserve". There are two camps of people acting on this lie. The first group are in what I call the "Pleasure group". They believe this lie and use it meet all their pleasure desires. The old if it feels good do it mentality. They believe that they deserve it and have many reasons why they believe they deserve it. So they feed their passions and keep seeking more and more pleasure for themselves often with no regard to impact on other people's lives. The devastation of other lives in the seeking of pleasure for ourselves is enormous. This can be seen in many addictions that began as pleasure seeking for ourselves. The second camp are those who are "Enslaved" and bound because of what has happened to them. This would include those who have been abused and many other issues that have been done to people. Often this creates hatred, hatred of others for hurting us and hatred of ourselves for allowing it. Hate is corrosive and destroys us more than it hurts the other person. There is usually a feeling of helplessness and not believing anything can change. People often begin to believe that God hates them as well.

The truth that counters the lie is that "You are loved, and can live as God's child". This is not because of our abilities but because of God's mercy and grace. Because "the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared", Titus 3:4. The truth is stronger than the lie, but people do have to accept and act on the truth. They need to be willing to allow into their life, which is difficult if they have embraced the lie for a long time. The great news is that the truth is stronger than the lie and those of us who have accepted it need to be living it so others will have the courage to let go of the lie and instead embrace the truth.

It is time for those who claim to be following Christ to live the truth and embrace those who are caught up in the lies. To show Christ love, acceptance and forgiveness in how we live, not just what we say. We need to not waste the precious, and powerful, gift that God has given.

It was difficult to even get up and preach because this truth is overwhelming me and I am so burdened for the needs all around me. I so want to make sure that my life counts for what matters most, to show people Christ's love and see many accept it for themselves.


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