Friday, February 19, 2010

My time with a grandchild

Nearly 4 weeks I spent some great time with grandchild #3 (#3 in birth order, not importance). This past Christmas we gave our 4 oldest grandchildren a different kind of gift. Each of them received a card from us with a personalized message. Each of them were had a promise of some speical time and an event with either Grandpa or Grandma. A shopping day with Grandma, a fishing trip with Grandpa, 18 holes of golf with Grandpa or a Chuck E Cheese experience with Grandpa.

When the date was set for the Chuck E Cheese experience with Grandchild #3 I sent word of the approximate time I would arrive. When I arrived a couple of minutes early he was waiting for me with his coat on. I spoke with his parents for about 2 minutes and my son went and got the necessary booster seat. As he walked in with the seat my grandson said "let's go" and walked to the door. I told my son and daughter-in-law "I guess it is time to go".

The evening was awesome. We had a great time. I purchased a bunch of tokens and my grandson had a blast using them up as he played many games. I played a few, but it was his night, so I made sure I didn't use too many and that I got him a lot of tickets to redeem. We ordered pizza and he redeemed the tickets he had so far. We played some more games and then sat down to our pizza. My grandson is 6, but he is not reall big physically. He nonetheless ate 6 big pieces. I told him he didn't need to eat it all now, he could take some home. He ate it all, I don't think he wanted to run the risk of having to share with brothers or sister. He played some more and racked up a huge haul of tickets. Then as he used the last of the tokens we redeemed the tickets. He went straight for a big bag of Cotton Candy, he planned that one.

We loaded up his loot and headed home. As soon as we got in the car he said "And now for the Cotton Candy!" Remembering all the pizza and realizing I wanted my daughter in law to allow me near him in the future, I said "How about we save that and let Mom decide when you can eat it?" He reluctantly agreed. Moments later he mentioned that maybe he shouldn't have eaten so much pizza.

When he arrived home he showed off his loot and told about all the games. I am not sure but I think he was walking a little taller when he got back home. I absolutely love it and wondered why I hadn't thought of this type of present before now.

My most memorable moment of the night, (I am smiling and tearing up as I type this) came as we walked in to Chuck E Cheese. Remember the Christmas card stating the experience? Well, the exact wording was "This card entitles you to a special time with Grandpa at Chuck E Cheese." As we walked in my grandson tried to hand the girl at the desk something. I realized it was that Christmas card. He thought it literally was his ticket for this experience. He had kept it since Christmas and brought it with him. I told him I needed the card. It was a priceless moment and a picture I have seared into my memory. I have the card.

It was great, at least for me. The report I received from his parents was that he had a great time as well.

Here's to creating memories.


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