Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was another very good day. There was a very good spirit in the service right from the beginning. We took some time to bring updates from Haiti and took a special offering for the Haiti relief. I was thrilled with what received in that offering, especially considering most people did not know we were taking an offering for Haiti before they arrived. I was blessed by the generous spirit of our people and anticipate more coming in the next couple of weeks. My wife was filling in as the worship leader this week, she was very nervous but allowed God to minister through her during the music.

The message continued the theme of ministering to the needs of those around us. We examined Matthew 16:13-20, where Jesus asked his disciples who others were saying he was and then asked the big one, "Who do you say I am?" I believe your answer to that question is the most important answer you will ever give and the most important answer you will ever live. Because we are not to be only about sterile knowledge, but about living out (applying) what we know. There are too many of us who claim we know, but we do not show that we know by how we live. To work in the harvest we must answer some questions about the harvest. "What are the people saying?" Do you know, are you listening to the people around you? "Who are they following?" Are you watching and noticing who those around you are following? You also need to figure some things out about yourself. Your compassion for the harvest has to be personal or it will have no impact. You must be aware of where you are, we need a better spiritual GPS. You must live in God's presence, in his Word and in the center of his Will. This is the only way you can come up with the right answers, do the the right things and be in the right places. This means to be in the harvest, living out what we know God desires of us.

Are you in the harvest? Do you believe in the call of God for you to be in the harvest?


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