Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a good day. It was cold, but it is the middle of January and we always have cold in January so that shouldn't have impacted anything but it looked like it had an impact. I was really battling some distractions during the worship service and had to fight hard against them. Our time of music was a good time of worship and the spirit was good in the place. We had a good time of prayer. As a church we celebrated my Associate's son's birthday and he got a couple of cool presents from the church.

The message followed up last Sunday's sermon from Matthew 9:35-38. Last Sunday focused on the first 3 verses and asked "Do you feel it?" This week the same question applied and I added "What do you see?" The observations from verses 37 and 38 were powerful. Jesus told his disciples that the harvest is plentiful. I did a word study on this phrase and discovered that it means "the harvest is plentiful". The fact is there are needs all around us. There are people living without Christ as their Shepherd and Savior. We don't have to search to find the harvest it is plentiful. The second observation is that the workers are few. There is way more harvest than willing workers. This requires seeing the harvest and being in the harvest. Too many who claim to follow Christ either don't see the harvest or they will not get into the fields of the harvest. We do not need more harvest observers or critics, we have plenty of those. The third observation is that we are to pray for the workers. The call has already gone out to the workers, those who follow Christ, they have to answer the call. The last observation actually is in the beginning of chapter 10 and that is that the first workers were those Christ asked to pray for workers. Too often many of us are willing to pray for workers we are just not willing to be one of those workers.

So, what are you seeing? What are you praying for? Where are you going?

We have not been called to stay in the barn, but to go into the harvest and Jesus will provide for us while we are in the harvest. The problem is not a lack of harvest potential, it is a lack of willing workers in the harvest.

I am teaching a study on marriage relationship and last night we had a great time together. It is a fun group and the study is vital. There are those who have been married over 30 years and those who have been married 2 or 3 years in the group. The dynamics are so great in the group given the variety of ages and backgrounds. Really looking forward to this study.

Here's hoping you see the harvest and that you see it up close and personal.


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