Sunday, December 20, 2009

That'll Leave a Mark ...

I have a cut, bruise and bump on my forehead this morning. The reason? Last evening I stepped into the corner of a door frame. It hurt a lot, blood began running down my forehead immediately and I felt dumb for having caused all of it. There is still a visible cut this morning and I can feel a bump though I don't think it is noticeable to others. It is located almost directly in the middle of my forehead just above the line of my eyebrows, sort of a cyclops effect. (Those of you living elsewhere wish you could visit today and see the sight don't you?)

This most recent "accident" of mine got me to thinking about marks. Not guys named Mark, but marks on our bodies and more importantly on our lives. I knew quickly that my misstep would leave a mark. However, there are other times in our lives when we create situations, or have them thrust upon us, that are not quite as obvious as I my head butt into the door frame.

What of the marks from painful incidents? What of the bumps, bruises and cuts from those closest to us? What of the marks we leave on others from our choices?

These marks are usually not quite as visible, at least not immediately for all to see. What do we do with these marks? I must confess I have been trying to decide this morning if I can hide my mark or if I will just leave out there for all to see. What do you do with your marks?

I am not looking forward to answering all of the questions of "What happened, run into a door?" Imagine there surprise when I answer yes. Knowing myself I will make it into a sermon illustration! What of those marks that are not as easily visible? The relationship bumps, bruises and cuts that are so frequent, what of those marks?

Here's hoping that I will be more observant and sensitive to the marks in others lives. Here's hoping that I will cause fewer of those marks in others lives. Here's hoping that when I do cause a mark that I realize it and act to heal it quickly.


At 10:42 AM, Blogger Tim Morris said...


By Ray Boltz

We'll see His scars

No, He will not try to hide them

He'll say, Come and look inside them

They're a window to my heart

And don't forget I love you

Just the way you are

And we'll know that it's true

We'll see His scars


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