Sunday, November 22, 2009

Homework ...

What is it about "homework" that is so difficult? Is it the word itself? Is it nightmarish memories of years gone by? Is it that I just don't want to have my routine at home interrupted? Is is that I don't like being told what to do?

I will keep my self analytical answers to myself for now.

I ask the question because I was given "homework" this week. Not from a teacher, but from a therapist. Before some of you say "it is about time" on the thought of me seeing a therapist understand that it was a physical therapist.

I began my physical therapy as prescribed by the doctor to try and rehab my aching back. I was very stiff and sore the next couple of days. I was also given some assignments to do at home. A series of stretches to do a couple of times a day. They are not really difficult but they are a pain in the back, literally.

I need to get into a routine for these assignments. Since I have only had 1 session with this therapist I don't know how he handles his patients regarding their assignments. Does he ask them immediately if they did all that he assigned them? Does he not ask at all? Does he ask as you leave? Does he scold if you didn't do everything, or does he pacify you with a heartfelt "that's okay, I am sure you will do better this week"?

I will find out tomorrow afternoon. I may let you know how it goes, if I didn't do well I might not. I haven't decided yet. Stay tuned.


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