Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was another outstanding day around here. The morning time of worship went very well. We had overcome a change in seating. We were already set up for our evening Christmas Musical and Dessert Theatre, so everyone was sitting around table throughout the service. Even with this change people seemed to respond okay. I might have had more trouble with the adjustment than everyone else.

The lady who sang a special song just before the message did an outstanding job of ministering and bringing the people into the song. I continued my series on the "Songs of Christmas". This week I contrasted the songs "Blue Christmas" (yes, the one Elvis sang) and "Do You Hear What I Hear?". The question was "What are you hearing this Christmas season?" There is a lot of noise all around us during the Christmas season, but not all of the noise points to the real reason for the season.

From Luke 2:8-20, the shepherds certainly heard some things that first Christmas, what they heard is what we need to hear this year as well. They heard don't be afraid. In a world with much fear this is a powerful message for today. To realize that we do not need to live in fear. They heard that there was good news. Who doesn't need to hear some good news, not just feel good sound bites but truly good news. They heard joy was available. In fact, great joy is available. Not something based on circumstances, but the joy that comes from Christ the Lord. They heard that these messaged very personal, they were for them. These messages are for you. What a great realization, that something this great is for you. No matter your position, knowledge, or your past. In fact this is for you no matter what. They heard that they have a Savior.

So what are you hearing this Christmas?

In the evening we had our Christmas Musical and Dessert Theatre. It went well, the message was good, the singing, drama, setting and food were great. People hung out for a long time after the program was over, which is always good to see.

Our attendance in the morning was good and in the evening it was very good.

Here's hoping you are having a great day.


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