Saturday, January 09, 2010

What Makes You Smile?

A smile brust on my face this afternoon at a time that would have surprised most anyone who would have been watching me at the time. I don't know why anyone would have been watching me as I waked in and out of my office, but you get the point. (Or maybe you don't.) There was nothing special happening, no one else was in the office, I was listening to a basketball game that did not involve any team that I really care about, in other words nothing was happening. So what brought the big smile to my face? Simple, I looked a couple of pictures of my grandkids. They are great grandkids and the pictures are great. In fact I am smiling now as I type this and I am at home instead of in my office. The smile is the thought of my grandkids and the memory of the pcitures.

This sequence of nothing happening, to seeing a couple of still photos to big smile got me thinking. What brings a smile to my face? Then I began to wonder what makes me smile? What makes other ssmile? What makes you smile?

I thought of the things that had brought a smile to my face during this day. My wife brought a smile to my face as she smiled at me. That is a constant that is a daily blessing in my life. Typing my report for my upcoming board meeting prompted a smile. Before you start to think that I have lost my mind realize that December was a great month in the life and ministry of our church, so as I recounted many things from the past month I smiled. Visiting with a man in the nursing home and hearing him say that everything is good between him and the Lord brought a smile to my face. Receiving a text from my daughter telling me of her successful completion of a half marathon today. (She is running a full marathon tomorrow, that thought actually made me grimace.) These are just few things that made me smile today.

What brought a smile to your face today? There are enough things in each day that make us frown, or worse, so let's focus some attention on the things that bring a smile, or at least what should bring a smile. (Hint: like reading this blog!)


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