Monday, February 01, 2010

Monday Morning Musings ...

Yesterday was a good day, but it felt very disjointed. The disjointed part was mostly just me and how I was feeling on Sunday. The whole week was out of the norm as far as my preparation was concerned. I was gone for a day and a half to attend a seminar. While I was gone for the seminar I had a great time fulfilling a Christmas present with grandchild #3 (more on that another day, it was so cool). Then there just seemed to be a lot of small interruptions that threw me off schedule for studying. Okay, enough about my disjointed feelings.

We had a good time of worship as we sang. I so appreciate the time that all of our people involved with all aspects of our music ministry put in and how they truly minister in worship. They don't just play, sing, lead, etc... they truly minister. They ministered and did so in such a way that we were ushered into a time of true worship. I am grateful for their ministry.

The message was again from the Matthew 16:13-20 passage of scripture. There will be at least one more from this section of scripture. This week was "What will you choose?". We have choices all the time in life, some large and some that don't appear as large. We choose whether to get up when the alarm goes off, we choose whether to set the alarm, we choose what to wear (or whether to wear what our spouse picked out for us) and many more choices each and every day. We also choose whether to accept Jesus as our Savior. We choose whether to believe His words and His Word. We choose what path we will follow in life. For the person who attempts to say that you choose not to choose, you need to realize that is a choice in itself. What you choose makes a big difference, while there may be two sides to every question which side you choose makes a big difference. After all, there are two sides to a sheet of flypaper (must be of a certain age to understand this one) and it makes a big difference to the fly which side he chooses.

The most important choice is who you will live. We must go beyond just nodding our heads in agreement, or raising our hands. We must go beyond verbal agreement, we must live our choices. Actually, how you live reveals your true choices in life. Casting Crowns has a song entitled "The Altar and the Door", that speaks to this issue of going beyond saying we agree and actually living what we claim. "...I cry, like so many times before. But my eyes are dry before I leave the floor, oh Lord. I try but this time, Jesus, ho can I be sure I will not lose my follow through between the altar and the door?"

So what have you chosen? Does your living match up to what you claim to believe?


At 8:09 PM, Blogger Tim Morris said...

I enjoy reading your blogs. It reminds me that not all of my roots are bad! :)
Love you brother


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