Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday Morning Musings (on Wed.)

I am in southern California at a conference for a few days and made the trip on Monday, which prevented me from doing my musings on Monday. Yesterday was just busy with the conference, so here I go a couple of days late.

Sunday was a good day. There was a good spirit of anticipation as the service began, I love when that happens. It seems like that should be the norm. We had a good time of prayer during the service. The message was still in Matthew 16:13-20. This week focused on the power that God promised when we build on the rock of who He is, "the Christ, the son of the living God". Jesus said the church would be build on this and that all of Satan's power cannot stand up against us when we rely on this power.

The power of God is more than adequate for whatever we face, his power is enough all the time and is always on time. God's power is greater than the enemies, I John 4:4. We also need to recognize the purpose of the power. It is intended to used by you. So why do we so often feel as if it is not for us? God's power is intended to extend His church. Not ours, but His. It is not intended to pamper you and me. It is intended to be used against the enemy, not against other believers. It is intended to reach and rescue the lost.

Are you using God's power in your life? What are you doing with it? What is the evidence of His power in your life?

We had a good response at the altar at the end of the service. We had a lot of great conversations after the service and the attendance was good as well.

Here's hoping you are living in His power for His purposes.


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