Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Do You Respond?

I received upsetting news a few times today and I confess that for some of it I didn't know how to respond. Don't panic, I prayed and believe firmly in prayer. In fact I am more burdened for prayer than ever and am really having some great times of prayer. What I am talking about is how you physically react and respond to upsetting or difficult news. Do you let it all hang out immediately? Do you go stonefaced and stoic? Do you get agitated? Do you smile or laugh? Do you cry? Do you start creating your long term response strategy? Do you shrug it off? Do you pretend that it doesn't bother you?

I have probably done all of the above responses at one time or another. But, how do you respond? Maybe I want to know you should respond? Or, how I should respond? Today I think I responded, or reacted, in 3 different ways.

I guess I realized that I was pretty shook by each of the things as heard or discovered them. I know that there is no direct answer. I also know that I wish I wold responded differently today.

Never mind, I just needed to express myself on something that I had some control over.


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