Sunday, July 05, 2009

Saying or Doing?

I have realized that recently there have been too many times that I have done more saying than doing. That there have been more times when I said the right thing more often than I did the right thing. Don't panic, I have not gone off the deep end, I have not done bad things. But I have realized that I have said the right thing a lot more than I have done the right thing.

Such as "I'll be thinking of you" and then not remembered if you thought of that person or their situation. "I'll be remembering you in prayer" and then tried to remember if you did.

This hit me hard this week as I did spend some extra time in prayer for some family and a great friend. As I was praying for them, I began to wonder how often I had recently said the words but not done the deed.

I want to keep saying the right things, but I want to a doer of the right things. I want to be the one that my family and friends don't wonder about, that they would know that did what I said.

Lord, help me to be more of a doer of your will. Lord, guard me against the tendency of feeling relieved just because I have said the right thing. Lord, continue to stir my soul until I do the right thing.


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