Thursday, June 11, 2009

Adjustments ...

Whether on the job, in sports, in a marriage, or in almost anything adjustments are necessary. In sports a player, and a team, need to adjust their game plan at times according to what the other team is doing or what the weather is at game time. In a job adjustments are necessary as times change and usually the people around you change as well. In a marriage adjustments are necessary as you get to know each other even better, as kids enter the picture, as you age, as jobs change and so much more.

How well do you handle the need for adjustments? How well are you adjust to changes around you? The answers to those questions have a great impact on your enjoyment in life. I am not talking about compromise, but about making and accepting needed adjustments. If you can adjust then you can enjoy so much more of life, if you cannot then you will be constantly battling.

This week my wife and I had to make some big adjustments, they are temporary but they are adjustments just the same. Having 4 grandkids live with us for a week necessitated adjustments. Our schedules, they get up really early and going somewhere with 6 is much different than with 2. We have adjusted to more noise, it is generally good noise, but it is noise nonetheless. We have adjusted to different leisure activities, we don't generally play much tag, hide and seek, army or Monopoly when it is just the 2 of us. We have adjusted to more questions, did I ever ask that many questions? There have been many adjustments. The grandkids have had to make adjustments as well. Different beds, different house, different schedules to some degree and we don't always do things exactly like their Mom and Dad do them. Did you know there are different ways to make sandwiches, cut sandwiches and where to pour syrup for your pancakes?

We have all made adjustments. I can't speak for the grandkids, but for my wife and I the adjustments are well worth it. Without them this would be a difficult week. Instead it is a fun week, a tiring week, but still a fun week. It is a week of memories. It is a week of enjoyment. I can rest later, this week I choose to adjust and enjoy the opportunity.

What will you do?


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