Saturday, May 23, 2009

Randome Thoughts on a Saturday morning...

I am sitting in a Panera Bread Cafe on vacation. That sounds great doesn't it? It is beautiful out and Jody and I will be enjoying the beauty outdoors later this afternoon. We will be checking into a little 1 bedroom lake cottage that I rented site unseen online. I am not worried, I have done this 4 times and have not been disappointed any of those times. This post will probably be one paragraph, no matter how long, because the return key has stopped working on my laptop (among several other keys), so bear with me. We actually started our vacation yesterday. I went to a family funeral, my last remaining uncle died on Wednesday. He was 90 and was a follower of Christ. He came to Christ when he was 78 (don't give up praying for people) and was so faithful after choosing Christ. IN fact, just a couple of weeks before his death, while in great pain, he insisted that his kids take him to Church, he didn't want to miss. The pastor told the congregation that they had just lost their last excuse to miss church. If he (my uncle Max) could come out in his condition then the old "I am not feeling great today" excuse just wouldn't fly any more (ha, ha). (pretend the space is a new paragraph beginning) I was so encouraged listening to stories of my uncle's life change, I also kept remembering how my Mom prayed for my uncle's salvation every day. I am sure that is an awesome reunion in heaven. My mom greeting her biological brother and her Christian brother at the same time. How awesome is that? I am having trouble typing as my eyes are filling with tears of joy at that picture. (paragraph) We received a call this morning that a man in our church passed away late last night. I knew that he was not doing well, and had visited him and his family on Thursday. So we will be going home for a day sometime next week for a funeral. (My suit is getting a workout, and it is not used to it!) (paragraph) Not sure how much I will be able to get online in the next week. Also, I hope to be fishing, reading, sleeping, enjoying time with my beautiful wife too much to be worrying about being online. So until next time, laugh a lot, smile at someone unexpectedly, open a door for a stranger, encourage someone and don't quit praying for those you are burdened for, thank goodness people didn't quit praying for Uncle Max. I am jiggling my keys and change in my pocket while drinking coffee in his memory. (that one is for the family)


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