Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Morning Musings ...

Wow, it is hard to believe it is Monday Morning already. I realized that I haven't posted since last Monday, for the 3 of you who check this regularly sorry about that. My trip to our District Assembly, some computer problems and a busy week contributed to the drought of posts.

Yesterday was a good day. It was gorgeous around here, and that was a true blessing. I finished up the Sunday School class I have been teaching, but I am sure I will be busy filling in for other teachers as we hit summer. We had a good discussion as we finished our study on Prayer. Worship went well, and my son in law did outstanding with his special song. (This was my daughter, son in law and grandson's last Sunday with us. They are moving 3 hours away and he will be the Worship and Music pastor, part time, at a larger church. They will be greatly missed.) I threw out my sermon outline and powerpoint. When I tried to practice the sermon early on Sunday it just wasn't there, so I threw it out. I went with the same passage from Hebrews 6:13-20. Kept the same theme, Solid Hope. But I preached much more from my heart than any notes. Know where our we are placing our hope is so critical. We focused on the part of the scripture that describes the hope we have in Christ as "an anchor for the soul, firm and secure." Not that we are to have a stagnant hope, but that it is a secure hope.

There was a practice of taking a ship's anchor onto a smaller vessel and going ahead of the ship as far as the chain would stretch. Then setting the anchor on something solid. This allowed the ship to be pulled forward through rough or treacherous waters. The solid and secure anchor allowed the ship to move forward with confidence in rough waters. What a great promise and picture of life. To know that no matter what we are facing our hope is firm and secure. That we do not have to just hold on, but that we can still move forward toward the hope we have in Christ.

Our attendance was very good, and I was encouraged, especially considering that we were missing many regular attenders.

Sunday evening we had a good time of sharing and digging further into the scripture about hope. The attendance was not good in the evening, but the time together was very good.

Here's hoping you have your hope in Christ. Here's hoping that you recognize that this hope is strong and secure. Here's hoping that you are not just holding on, but are moving forward no matter how rough your waters may be.


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