Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday Morning Musings ...

There is snow on the ground, and it is still snowing! That is just wrong and so many levels. I brushed close to an inch off the windshield this morning, but it could be worse they got 7 inches about 30 minutes northwest of us.

Yesterday was another very good day. There was a good buzz in the air before the service and the spirit during the service was very good. The musical part of worship went very well, and that is with several regular people missing. My wife did an excellent job of putting the service together and scrambling right up until the service began without knowing for sure who would be available. A neat moment came while we sang and our preschoolers marched through waving palm branches. Seeing their innocence and joy was really special, the fact that one of them was my 2 year old grandson really moved me. (His Dad was pretty choked up when he saw him as well.)

The message went well, with the exception of some serious mike problems at the beginning of the message. The message was from Matthew 21:1-11, and posed the question "Who is this?" from verse 10. The question was in reference to Jesus from those watching and not understanding why there was such a celebration. The point is that your answer to that question determines your future. We examined how to decide your answer. Looking at Jesus' words, at his actions, at what happens to his followers (there lives were changed) and realizing that his words of hope and promise are for you.

The attendance was surprisingly good. It was the first weekend of Spring Break and our attendance was nearly what we averaged last year. I admit that I was not expecting that many people, but I sure enjoyed them coming to worship.

In the evening we had a special time of prayer and shared communion together. That is always special. But the time of prayer was very encouraging as I heard many different people leading out in prayer.

Here's hoping that you are not shoveling snow. Here's hoping that you are looking forward to a great time of celebration in worship this Sunday. Here's hoping that you are encouraging others to join you in worship and to hear the good news.

Now, where did I put that shovel?


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