Sunday, March 22, 2009

Priorities ...

I have certain words that I struggle with their spelling whenever I type them. No matter what they never look right to me or they have an odd comination that gives me problems on the keyboard. Which means that I am always worried that I made a typing error or just messed up the spelling. Priorities (did I get that right?) is one of those words.

Of course it could go deeper than that, it could be that I know I have a tendency to get some of my priorities (this is going to be harder than I thought) out of whack. Maybe that is why I struggle to type the word (that was easier, maybe I could just type "the word" from now on).

This morning my series of messages has led me to preach on "reordering priorities" (I wonder if the person who types things in the powerpoint presentation struggles with this word? This could be interesting this morning.).

Do you ever struggle with your prioritities?

Here's hoping that this morning the focus will be on the message and not on spelling. Hmmm... I think that is an example of misplaced priorities, isn't it? Nuts, this really is going to be hard. Well here we go talking about that word.

Here's hoping you get things straight today.


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