Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How are you doing?

How are you doing? Such a simple question. We say the words several times each week. But we don't often really ask the question. Instead we use the question as a greeter rather than an inquiry. That means we aren't really listening to answer beyond good, great, okay, fair or not so good.

So who do you talk to about how you are really doing? Do you have someone you can tell? Someone who will truly rejoice with you when something great happens and you are not worried that they will actually be unhappy that things are going so well? Do you have someone who really cares when you say things stink, or that you are really confused? Someone who will also tell you to snap out of it if you are just having a pity party?

I believe we all need someone like that in our life, better yet is to have a couple of them.

Are you that someone to one of your friends? You are not the only one who craves this type of relationship.


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