Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday Morning Musings ...

I feel like singing "Back in the saddle again", but I realize you can't hear me, if you could you wouldn't enjoy it, and many of you have no idea that those words belong in any song. So...I will just jump back into it with some thoughts on a Monday Morning about the past Sunday. After having some time off for a little vacation I was back at it on Saturday and then of course Sunday. It was an easy transition back because we had a Children's musical in the morning. I just did a brief wrap up at the end of the musical. The kids did a fine job and the message of the musical, to pray and trust God, was presented clearly. I was very proud of the kids.

We had an outstanding attendance of 173, and only 13 or 14 who were here just because of the musical. The 173 was only 19 less than we had on Easter.

The great news on Sunday was that I got to announce that we have filled our Associate Pastor position after nearly a year of searching! I found out on Thursday afternoon that the person we offered the position to was accepting and will be here in about a month. That is great news, for the youth, for the church and for me. It has been difficult to not be smiling ever since I got the news.

Sunday afternoon brought another graduation ceremony for one of our youth. It was an encouraging ceremony and it was great to see him finish this phase of his life. As a result of this school's graduation we did not have an evening service. My wife and I got home from the graduation just relaxed. It was a very good day.

Here's hoping that you find several reasons to smile today, and that you share the smile with others.


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